Parish Leadership

Board of Trustees

The Governing Board of Trustees exercises their authority and responsibilities for the benefit of the Parish in accordance with Civil and Canon Law and Church teachings. The Trustees are to act in the best interest of the Parish, not necessarily in the best interests of the individual parishioners.

The Trustees of the Parish have civil legal custody and control of all the temporalities and property belonging to the Parish, including the revenue produced by the Parish. They administer these for the support and maintenance of the Parish, or for other religious, charitable, benevolent or educational purposes. However, the Trustees do not have any authority over the removal or dismissal of the pastor, or the fixing of his salary. They do not have authority to regulate or modify the nature or order of worship of the Church.
Contact: Luis Lopez      


Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body with the role of advising and assisting the Pastor in developing a parish pastoral plan and providing input on issues of pastoral concern. The main focus of the Parish Pastoral Council is to foster the full participation of, and consultation with, the entire parish in the life and mission of the parish and of the Universal Church.
Contact: Bernadette Johannes      


Liturgy and Spirituality Commission

The Liturgy Commission serves by assisting the pastor in organizing and preparing the Liturgical celebrations of the Parish. The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy desires that all the faithful should be led to full, active, and conscious participation in liturgical celebration - to be fully present. The goal of liturgy is the transformation of people’s lives to Jesus. It is about the conversion of hearts. The work of the Liturgy Commission should enable us as Catholic Christians to go from liturgy strengthened by the Word of God, nurtured by the Eucharist, and encouraged by the assembly, to spread the light of Christ and allow others to taste and see the goodness of the Lord.
Contact: Elizabeth Greene 
Liturgical Minister's Schedule


Finance Commission

The Finance Commission has an advisory and consultative function. It is to be aware of the mission of the parish and provide assistance and support to the pastor with regard to the financial and legal matters of the parish, including investments, fund raising and expenditures.
Contact:  Jennifer Greenidge    


Building Commission

Contact: Martha Nelson      
              Desiree Odom


Strategic Action Plan

Contact: Martha Nelson
             Desiree Odom